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Growing Industries: Mechanical Engineering & Job Prospects

July 2, 2011

Are you a creative as well as a resourceful person? This job is all about finding solutions to problems. In engineering, this would involve you creating as well as designing systems to help get the job done.  If you’re in the discipline of mechanical engineering, you would be dealing with designing the system, research, as well as manufacturing the parts or even the entire systems themselves. Becoming one would require you to obtain an associate’s or bachelor’s degree at a university.

In 2008 alone, there were about 250,000 professional engineers hired in the United States of America. Further reports show that over the next eight years, the industry is to experience an exponential growth in employment.

This occupation requires you to undertake lots of study, not only before you begin your career but during it as well. The reason for this is that engineers need to keep up to date at all times with technological changes. Because most projects are handled in groups, or in teams, engineers must be proficient in the art of communicating, thus having this skill is critical. Being good in subjects like maths, and physics are also very important.

Engineers are in a very good salary right out of school, starting at around $48,000. This figure can rise up to and beyond $100,000 with further education and work experience. After about five years of work experience, you would be able to learn about $80,000 per year on average (that is according to statistics). Many people might be interested in a degree in mechanical engineering but they get put off by costly tuition fees. But did you know that they are scholarships available? There are now the “S-STEM scholarships” available provided by the NSF and the federal government, which you can apply for. Remember that there also many other non-government organizations and banks that offer student loans as well.

The engineering industry was hit pretty badly by the recent economic turbulence. However, because of the governments plans to start the Green Energy Initiative, many new engineering jobs will be made available very soon. This decision has caused many people to consider a career in engineering because of the sheer number of potential job opportunities that will be made available shortly. Both traditional and online programs have been created to take on this huge and sudden increase in demand. There is no better time to become an engineer, than now.

Although the future of our country’s economy looks uncertain at the moment, there will always be employment opportunities if you are an engineer. So don’t worry. As long as you have the drive and the passion to become one of the top professionals in the field of mechanical engineering, the world shall be your oyster.

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